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Lee Bycel


Lee has three decades of experience as a senior leader in the non-profit, higher education and NGO worlds. His experience guiding a variety of diverse organizations has anchored his approach to life and leadership. He has moderated seminars in the non-profit, corporate, and government sectors and also moderated for many years at the Aspen Institute, the Federal Executive Institute and at the Redford Center. more arrow

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The Conversation that led to the Film
August 2nd, 2012

Watershed: Exploring a New Water Ethic for the New West
Some Principles for Shaping Meaningful Programs

I have always believed in the power and the potential of bringing people together in a safe and beautiful environment and empowering them to engage in thoughtful and creative ways. In the fall of 2009, in my work as Executive Director of the Redford Center, we convened a “Summit” at the Sundance Resort in Utah on the growing Water Crises in the Colorado River Basin. At the end of our two day Summit (Retreat) the participants expressed a unanimous desire for a creative documentary that would educate more people about the growing Water Crises in the West and inspire them to get involved.

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The Legacy of Vaclav Havel
January 3rd, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic
December 23, 2011

The feelings of sadness, loss, grief were palatable as I walked around Prague and went to the Presidential Palace. Today was Vaclav Havel’s funeral. At noon a siren sounded and everyone stopped to reflect for a minute on his life. I looked at the faces of the people around me. It was clear that for many this was personal; so many had their own stories to tell about him. The loss was more than that of a past president, but of a man who had provided hope and moral leadership. A man who was so much more than a political leader; he was a philosopher, a dissident, a playwright and a man who stood by his convictions. For his humanistic beliefs and writings, he spent nearly five years in prison.
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Personal Journey in Haiti
October 24th, 2011

Nature is indiscriminate; We are not.
Port–au–Prince, October 15, 2011
Some personal reflections

I will never forget that moment: 4:31 a.m., January 17, 1994. Like millions of others the Northridge earthquake shook me to my core. The ground which always seemed so anchored and firm was now was in turbulent motion. The Northridge earthquake (6.7) devastated so many people’s lives in the Los Angeles basin. The economic toll was enormous, the emotional impact was immeasurable, and the collapsed structures reflected the enormous damage that had been brought in just a matter of seconds. In a county of ten million people, it is estimated that 33 people lost their lives and 8700 were injured. For these families it became a tragedy. Thousands of people took refuge in shelters, schools and the homes of loved ones. As we know, life went on pretty much the same way it had before.
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